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Artists Statement
 (Shadow Box)
When I first began thinking about what I wanted to do for this piece I was pretty stumped. I knew I wanted to do something that wasn’t only a digital print and I wanted to add some kind of 3D element coming out of the shadow box frame. That was all I knew I wanted.
I left those desires for the piece in the back of my brain for spring break and at that same time I saw one of my good friends from kindergarten and we hung out for a day.
The school that I went to for kindergarten and middle school wasn’t and still isn’t a typical one. I remember hearing that kids had homework from when they were in kindergarten and I was honestly a bit horrified because I got to play all day and make whatever art I wanted to in kindergarten. Hanging out with my friend reminded me of where my art journey started and the distinct art style that came along with the Waldorf curriculum so that is what I was inspired by initially.
There were so many different mediums that I used while in that school, but one medium that is pretty exclusive to the school system that involves 3D components as well is beeswax sculpture. I’ve worked with it since I was in 1st grade and I figured that it would be a nice idea to get nostalgic and include that in one of my last art pieces in high school.
Beeswax is a hard wax made by bees (go figured) that becomes malleable when warmed up. Since it is made by bees it has a light honey smell as well which makes a very nice medium to work with for long time periods. When I was young in middle school, teachers would give this to us to help us focus when they told us stories.
I had successfully chosen my 3D element for my piece, but now I had to figure out my digital element as well.
The Waldorf curriculum also has a very specific visual art style, with vivid color palettes and organic shapes that fit together well. I wanted to mimic that style digitally as much as I could to create my background print.