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Art, MPSA Certificate, Portfolio

Chaewon Lee ’21
Level 1

Artist Statement

In this year I had a chance to experience various format of art. I did not wanted to fix the way of art in one form, and various materials in school could lead me to actually make it true. I had a lot of fun during the project.


About Project>>

The first project was about “Past”. I choose the song “Run” from Jin-Ah Lee and made a short music video out of it. I wanted to draw about my past when I had to come to Hawaii without my friends in Korea. The fast and energetic song could make the video upbeat and enjoyable.


About Project>>
The second project was about “present”. I wanted to change the mood of the song so I choose “My Foolish Heart” written by Bill Evans. I used the version from Hiroshi Nakamura because the sound quality was more clear. It is a calm, piano song. I wanted to put in all of the present that I am seeing currently in this project. I took a video for each backgrounds, and draw an animation on top of it. It was a combination of real world and my virtual art. As the character in the middle is turning around, I made her hair to be longer to show the time passing.


The last project was about “Future”. For this project, I had a chance to use the 3D printer. In a combination of an exhibition in the Morning Brew cafe, I could use a wooden frame to hold my art piece. I wanted to create a combination of the previous projects. The picture of a long hair girl in the top right is from the “Past” and the picture of ocean and the white silhouette of me blowing bubbles are from the “Present”. For the “Future”, I printed out my Korean name and placed them on the bottom. In the mood board, they are drawn as airplanes, but I thought my real name could be more meaningful so I choose my name.