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Liza Tom
Digital Art Certificate, Level 3

The Future Cannot Be Seen

Artist Statement

Throughout my time as a Digital Art Certificate student, I have been exposed to all kinds of media and styles in the creation of digital art. Starting off, I learned how to use the Adobe art programs, specifically Illustrator, Animate, and Photoshop, to perform tasks such as altering photography and creating interactive websites. Net Art, typography, and 3D printing were all new forms of digital art that I experimented with for the first time within this class. I had no idea that websites could be another form of art like animations or drawings. Throughout this class, I have also been exposed to many different digital art applications, such as Procreate, Sketchbook, and Tayasui Sketches. Using these different apps was extremely helpful in experimenting with different tools and brushes when drawing digitally. It’s important to understand the tools one has access to before creating anything. One project in particular that I enjoyed the different art style challenge.  This was a free choice project that I recently completed. I chose a series of different artists and entertainment, from Junji Ito to Adventure Time to Tim Burton, and attempted to replicate their own unique styles within a series of self-portraits. I enjoyed this project because it allowed me to analyze what specific details made each style different from the others. For example, one artist may be prone to using swirled lines, while another favors bold, straight strokes. Even though I was attempting to create the same self-portrait, each one of them had its own individual traits. No two minds think exactly the same way. Even if we may live in the same world, everyone interprets it differently from one another with their own new ideas and experiences to contribute. Even if digital art may not be a large part of my future, I will still retain the many lessons I have learned from my time in this class.

Gallery: [Project 1: Nene Goose Pencil+Digital Drawing] [Project 2][Project 3]