milia’s big, smooth brain.
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Art, MPSA Certificate, Portfolio

This self-portrait features me, Sampaguitas, Yellow Hibiscuses, and Dandelions. Made with Procreate.

Milia’s Big, Smooth Brain Portfolio.

Milia McCoy
Digital Art Certificate, Level 1

Artist Statement

One of the reasons I have always been drawn to art is because of its malleability. No matter what medium you choose to work with, there are limitless opportunities to mold a piece into your own. Whether it be clay, photography, painting, or printmaking, I love the infinite ways you can craft meaning into a piece. Recently, this exploration has continued into digital media. This digital art class was my first time using digital media and software to create artwork. And to my surprise, I have genuinely enjoyed Digital art more than any other media. I realize this statement is broad, since “digital media” encompasses a variety of categories, but I have been interested in every project in class. From digital paintings to Net Art creation, I’m fascinated by the range to which I can use these tools to express ideas.

Within my body of work, I create art to explore the theme of identity and what it means to me. The concepts of reflection, memory, Asian American individuality, and mental health are examples evident within my work. Despite the specificity of this personal exploration, I want my pieces to be broad and applicable to provoke the audience with their own self-reflection. Most evidently, this theme is consistently illustrated through subcategories of portraiture and forms of text. In retrospect, I am most proud of my net art piece. The website was my first time using HTML to create an immersive, interactive art piece. I loved the ability to implement additional elements beyond the written code as it gave me the chance to animate gifs and manipulate audio. Not only did I learn the most from this project, but I was actively engaged and excited to work on it, pushing me to go in different directions with the piece. In the future, I want to revisit this medium and continue to create net art pieces. 

Overall, I am proud of the work I produced in this class. Considering this was the first time using a digital format to create art, I’m extremely happy with my body of work. Looking forward, especially in college, I’m confident that I will grow as a digital artist. I want to learn and push myself to continue creating and explore mediums I’m not comfortable with.