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Art, MPSA Certificate, Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio!

Art is a great way to illustrate a multitude of things. Things like painting an animal, to plain randomness. I chose to focus my art towards expressing emotions and telling a story. I did this by keeping a minimalist style so viewers can see the bigger picture, whereas if an art piece has a large amount of details, it can be easy to miss the artist’s message, or it could even be overwhelming. That’s what I didn’t want, and the way I made sure I wouldn’t encounter that problem was giving my pieces less details and making it more expressive so it helps gets the message across.

Artist Statement

Over my years of exploring different mediums of art and finding out what I like and dislike, I’ve found out that even if something is minimal or lacks details, it can still express emotion or tell a story. And that’s what I’ve showed in my art pieces this year. I kept a consistent minimalist style, and with approximately the same color palettes throughout all the pieces.

I was focused on improving my art skills and storytelling through my projects by doing animations and comics. My projects were centered around the idea of emotion, and there were different emotions for each project depending on the different concepts. I would think of the concept and what emotions that would come with it, and since every concept was different, it created a different variety of emotions conveyed throughout all my project.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, my materials were limited. I did all my work digitally with an iPad and an Apple Pencil. The two softwares that I used to create my work was Procreate and Tayasui Sketches Pro, as these were the only things available to me at that time. Jumping into this was challenging at first since it was my first time using both Procreate and an Apple Pencil, so my earlier projects look rougher since I was experimenting with all the features.

The process for all of my projects was done starting with the concept, and then I would ask myself what is the first things that come to mind? I would then build up my ideas from there. With the central idea of emotion, I would figure out what would best show that emotion that I feel when that concept comes to mind, with also taking into account the amount of time I have. Regardless if it is an animation or a comic strip, I would draw out a storyboard that may be detailed or not, and I draw out my ideas using the storyboard.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!

Project Orders

Self-Portait, Project One (video at the bottom), Project Two (Theme of past), Project Three (Theme of Present, Page One), Project Three (Theme of Present, Page Two), Project Four (Theme of Future)