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Art, MPSA Certificate, Portfolio

Hi, I’m Waverly!


I’m currently a sophomore who is taking both the classes Digital Art ll and Digital Arts Certificate ll. I love to experiment with colors and textures through digital illustrations mainly in Procreate, and am still discovering what my true art style is. I hope you enjoy my gallery page!


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I have gained a habit of using music as a way to “escape” everything going on around me. Whether it’s at school during passing periods to boost my mood or playing it at home while relaxing in my bed, my earbuds are almost always in. It creates a sense of comfort and familiarity, and also helps me to create art pieces. There is a genre for everyone out there, and can instantly change your mood. Just like visual and digital arts, it’s a great way to express yourself and to release any pent up feelings that are difficult to say yourself. Music is a language that everyone can understand, no matter what language you actually speak. Often times I realize just how often my AirPods or wired earbuds are in my ears, wondering how high my Spotify hours will be at the end of the year. Overall, music impacts me just as much if not more than art because it’s the very thing that inspires me. I love to experiment with different color palettes and textures within digital pieces to emulate feelings of various songs. I believe color choices have a major impact on the message that’s conveyed to the viewer, so I always try to put extra emphasis on that. Something I want my pieces to have is relatability. No one should have to feel as if they are going through something alone, and art can help them to feel better and heal. I became and am still interested in continuing to use my drawings and paintings in this way.


-Waverly Coronel